Polos Building in St. James, MN

Polos Building in St. James, MN

NOVEMBER 13, 2020 — Review of the Polos Building transformation in St. James, MN.

You deserve a trophy, or something like it, for your role in this project.  It turned into more than anyone, everyone, could have imagined.  The interior is in the middle of renovation right now – with an end-of-year deadline.  Everyone I hear from locally is pleased with the outcome – and it would not have possible without you and Stuart’s creativity and willingness to adapt and repair what was possible to salvage.  I know it wasn’t easy, and likely not profitable, but you were instrumental in accomplishing a great thing for the community of St James and their downtown business district.  I will remind the City of that whenever I have the chance.  On behalf of the City, community members, and myself – thank you.

James Arentson


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